Monday, October 31, 2011


The beach is unique, exciting and a lot of fascinating its visitors. That beach Purnama whichit is said, was why until called Coast Purnama because often many visitors who come whenthe moon arrives Purnama. Perhaps they are more interested in seeing the exotic and thepanorama of this beach when the full moon came and looked clear on this beach.

Indeed Purnama Coast deserve to be your priority when a stopover in Bali. The beauty andcharm will attract anyone and amazed. Black sand bath crystals, have a big roll of the wavesand the sight of the green pesawahan vast stretches when he was on his way to this beach.From the picture of just how much of this coast have an aura of beauty that is almostimprobable illustrated with words.

Another charm of this beach is another setting still look natural and quiet so it is suitable for you who were honeymooners or want to freely making love. Or in addition to those newlymarried or central romantic couple, many are also people who come to this beach to enjoy a holiday with your family after so long stuck in the routine of work and other major cities arefilled with the complexities of life, congestion, air pollution, and so on.

Some activities that can be done on the beach is like relaxing while enjoying the wavesswirling, bejemur, playing in the sand beach berkemilauan, surfing, or fishing. Purnamabeach activities are also often used as a religious ceremony by local residents such asMelasti and Melarung. To keep the beach clean Purnama always formed a partnershipbetween karma subak, merchants who sell and the owner of the villa-villas around it.


Purnama beach is a beach located in Banjar Lumpang Telabah, Sukawati Village, DistrictSukawati, Gianyar regency. The distance is about 11 km from Denpasar City.


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