Monday, February 4, 2008

Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

Nusa Dua is known as an enclave of large international 5-star resorts in south-eastern Bali. It is located 40 kilometres from Denpasar, the provincial capital of Bali, and administered under Kuta South District. Nusa Dua means two islands.

Crystal clear water and stretches of white sandy beach of Nusa Dua makes Nusa Dua a perfect spot for luxurious resorts to which your exhausted bodies, after a Barong performance at Batubulan and a long climb of the steps of the Mother Temple Besakih, will want to rest. Some of the most sumptuous and luxurious hotels in the world find their home in Nusa Dua Bali. You can relax in the Thalasso spa of the Grand Mirage Resort after a day of surfing or diving. Or you can tee off into the sunset, while watching the gentle waves come from the blue sea and caress the banks surrounding the luscious greens. Tranquil swimming pools under the coconut trees seem to be one with the distant blue sea. Art galleries and numerous shops surround them.

Enjoy the luxuries of Bali

    Nusa Dua offers the ultimate luxury in Bali. If you are after a place to stay in style then Nusa Dua is as good as it gets! If the purpose of your stay on Bali is just laying and on the beach, recieving a first class service and not have the hassle of bargaining with the local traders, Nusa Dua may be the place for you. Nusa Dua is a pristine complex of international resort hotels and conference centres. It hosts most of the major 5 star resorts and international restaurants with international price tags to fit. It is however possible to find some budget accommodation. However, if you want get closer the real Bali but still stay on the coast you may find Sanur a better option.

International Business and Conference Centre

    Nusa Dua is a world class conference center. The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) hold their conferences here. If you want to do business in Bali Nusa Dua has all the facilities that you need.

Harmony and serenity in Bali

    Bali is entwined with spirituality and religion and is the centre of the daily life of the Balinese. Every day, millions of Hindu Balinese place offerings, canangs, to the Gods outside their homes, work places and shops. Such is the religious importance to these people that everything in their life plays a secondary part. Life for them surrounds around the banjar (the temple) that, next to family, is the strongest and ruling influence over their lives.

Balinese Spa

    One of the unmissable experiences on Bali is to enjoy a traditional massage or spa treatment. The ancient art of Balinese traditional massage and baths has spread around the world. The world famous Mandara Spa actually originated in Bali. It gives you a chance to relax, unwind and try something new. Enjoy!


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