Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tanjung Benoa, Bali, Indonesia

Immediately north of Nusa Dua enclave is the peninsula of Tanjung Benoa that includes less exclusive hotels and Benoa village. A multi-denominational area, it includes a mosque, and Chinese and Hindu temples in close proximity. Much of the beach's sand was eroded away following the mining of the nearby barrier reef for construction materials.

Tanjung Benoa is located at the east end of "shoes" island of Bali, is one tourist destination complete enough water. Various water sports are provided here as, banana boat, snorkeling, flying fish, parasailing and jetski. Uniquely surf sports that are often found at other beaches of the island of Bali, it is not available at this tourist attraction, this is because there are waves that tend to calm location this tour, making it less suitable for surfing.

Prices charged to visitors to enjoy various water sports ranging from 150 thousand to 200 thousand. With that price in writing stated that visitors can enjoy them over a period of 10-15 minutes. But the fact that I experienced was about 5 minutes. Maybe because at that time the queue of visitors who want to try quite a lot so allotted time reduced drastically. Even some foreign tourists, trying to interrupt queues seem to remember they are paying more expensive than local tourists.

Flying fish is a new form of water sports is my first time seeing. Consisting of a rubber boat with a capacity of only two men with one officer who sat in the middle as a counterweight. Passengers sleep on her back boat which is then withdrawn by speedboat at high speed. As a result, the boat became uplifted and fly over the water at a height of 10-15 meters. During his stay in the air, the officer who sat in the middle will try to balance the boat to avoid spinning or capsize the boat because the wind gusts that certainly could be fatal for the user. Given there are three people in a boat, sometimes can occur a case where a rubber boat can not fly, because it is needed in addition to high-velocity speedboat which also winds strong enough to be able to fly. A colleague who is less fortunate experience of this incident, as a result of what happened the other not just in a crash backs-hempas by sea, without experiencing the sensation of "flying fish" should be.

In addition to water sports, visitors can also visit the turtle island, a distance of approximately 30 minutes journey by boat can be rented location. Turtle island is a breeding place of many species of endangered sea turtles. In this location, visitors can see first hand and wonder about things turtle breeding process. Turtles are separated in different places based on his size. There are still measuring the finger until a large enough weight to tens of pounds. In this island there are also many other animals like snakes, bats and rare birds (rangon) possible for visitors to hold just take a picture / photo. 

One package with a trip to Turtle Island, visitors can also see the underwater attractions. The boat is used, has been designed so that at the bottom center of the boat has been fitted glass that allows for visitors to see the shallow seabed without the need berbasah-ria. From inside the boat, visitors can see a typical fish-rich sea water color on the body. In order for the fish would gather fresh bread spread boat driver as an inducement sea. It did not take long to wait for the fish to come, unfortunately the type of fish that came less varies making it less attractive to be enjoyed.
Overall, Tanjung Benoa is worth visiting as an alternative to water tourism. It is a bit disturbing is the lack of public transportation back and forth in that region in that general visitors who come to use tourist buses, rental vehicles and personal

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