Monday, August 8, 2011

Tower Mosque Kampung Melayu

If you have been to Semarang and likes to visit historical place then the mosque layur or also commpnly called the Tower Mosque Kampung Melayu is one of the location are worth the visit. He  was already more than two century witnessed the historical development of Islan in Semarang.

Easy enough to find the location of this old mosque. From the direction Johar Market swivel to follow the path that led toward Tawang Station. From the railroad track in front of Jalan Layur, the minarets are visible from a distance. Locations village called Kampung Melayu Mosque because the majority of the area formerly inhabited by the Malay race Mosque Tower was built in 1802 by scholars Arabian Hadramawt (Yemen). The shape and structure of the mosque is a building of two floors, a roof-shaped Meru (the influence of Demak). Mosque floor using wood materials, using a stone base with a brick foundation with a depth of three meters and a width of one meter.
The unique thing of this mosque is a condensed form of the building with the architectural style of the Middle East. It looks at the tower that stands firmly in front of the entrance to the mosque. The main building style typical Javanese mosque with three stacking roof of the mosque.
From the architectural style, the mosque tower by a mixture of three cultures ie, Javanese, Malay, and Arabic. In terms of authenticity, the mosque tower still like the first created. There are only a few repairs and replacements on the tile and the addition of space for the manager on the right side of the mosque.
The main building of minarets and transforming shapes, due to backfill the floor about two hundred centimeters. The main building of the mosque floor, no longer function as a place of worship, then on the second floor there is expansion room in the northeast and southeast.Construction and details of the mosque is still original and well maintained. Care costs from building mosques - diwakafkan buildings for the benefit of the mosque.

In addition to the unique shape of the building, the mosque tower also store other priceless treasures, namely the book - the ancient book, which supposedly brought by the Habib to spread Islam in Hyderabad around the 18th century. The Book - the book is still uses the original Arabic language and writing and read at the event - a special event. The book should only be read and heard by the orthodox Islamic
Until now, the mosque has been more than two centuries old are still standing strong and serves as a place of worship. Serious threat of flooding the building of this mosque and rob that often occurs in the Kampung Melayu .


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