Friday, March 11, 2011

Tour to Goa Kreo

Kreo Goa is a tourist place in Semarang. Goa Tourism Regions Kreo a forest area of ​​ ± 5 acres located in the hills (Mount Krincing) and Kreo River valley, precisely in Hamlet Village Talun Nuts Kandri Mijen District. Distance locations around  ± 13 km from the roundabout to the south Tugu Muda.

Goa Kreo believed to be the ruins of Sunan Kalijaga when looking for teak wood to build the Great Mosque of Demak. According to legend Sunan Kalijaga met with a flock of monkeys who then told to keep the teak wood.
The word "Kreo" comes from the word "Mangreho" meaning guard or a guard. Goa Sightseeing Kreo every day from 6:00 to 18:00 hours. Around Goa Kreo have a wide expanse of paddy fields, steep cliffs full of trees and clear rocky streams.

There are two things yag main attraction of this tourist area. First, the cave is a nest of dozens of wild monkeys. i here we can find dozens of monkeys that roam freely. If lucky, visitors can see wild monkeys, but tame. Second, in this area there is also a small waterfall that clear. Visitors can play games and enjoy the cool air freely. A view of the difficult encounter in the big city.
To reach the cave mouth, visitors must pass through a lot of stairs and steep. Next to North Goa there Kreo waterfall originating from various sources of clear water and not dry despite the long dry season. Besides having beautiful scenery Kreo Goa also features other facilities such as children's playground swing, etc sled.


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