Sunday, March 6, 2011

Warak Ngendog

Warak Ngendhog is typical toy Semarang city that appears once and only present at the celebration of tradition Dugderan . This toy intangible imaginary creature that is a combination of several animals that symbolized the unity of various ethnic groups in Semarang: Chinese, Arabic and Java. His head resembles the head of the dragon (China), his body like a Buraq (Arabic), and four legs like a leg of lamb (Java .)

It is unclear origin Warak Ngendog . This invention is a toy animal in the form of statues or dolls made of pottery piggy bank. Who inspired the making was nobody knew. To be sure since Dugderan held, a number of traders to hold this toy. In each sale, the seller put a cooked chicken egg underneath. Eggs were sold together waraknya participate.

Warak ngendog originally was just a children's toy with animal-like form. When compared with the existing form of Warak Ngendog today, Warak Ngendog original cork is made of mangrove plants and form a straight angle.

Supposedly characteristic of the straight form of Warak Ngendog contains profound philosophical meaning. It is believed that depict images of straight people that are open Semarang straight and speak what they are. There was no difference between the expression of liver with verbal expression. Also Warak Ngendog also represent acculturation of ethnic diversity in the city of Semarang.

WARAK word itself comes from the Arabic word "Wara'I" which means holy. And Ngendog (spawn) is symbolized as a result of the reward obtained after previously undergoing a person holy. Literally, Warak Ngendog can be defined as those who maintain the sanctity of Ramadan, later at the end of the month will get a reward on the Day of Eid.

Warak Ngendog for the city of Semarang city's identity has become iconic and has been known to exit the area. Several points downtown, and even planned to be built as a mascot statue Warak Ngendog confirmation hallmark of Semarang city.


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