Thursday, March 10, 2011

Umbul Sidomukti

Natural beauty transfixed so feet out of the car in the courtyard lokawisata Girigahana Sidomukti . Expanse of rice terraces, small rivers, waterfalls, and pine forest, so charming. Far on the other side looks Mountain Ungaran, Mount Merbabu and Mount Twin Cimanggal. A natural harmony nan charming.

Natural atmosphere in the Village Sidomukti , Bandungan District, Regency of Semarang make visitors feel at home there-kama. Moreover, water in natural pools Sidomukti Bannerman is unique. Its location on the slopes of Mount Ungaran, right on the edge of the cliff and the valley. Pennant water flowing into the main water source for natural swimming park Sidomukti Bannerman. Abundant water is spilling into the pool beneath it and irrigating gardens and rice fields.

Tourist attraction Sidomukti Umbul which opened August 2, 2007 are built with traditional pond design, minimalist style. The walls of the pool composed of stacks of natural stone. In the garden many seating terraces open stage model that views freely in all directions. With a location at an altitude of 1031 asl, Bannerman Sidomukti in so-called natural swimming pools highest in Indonesia
Tourism Bannerman Sidomukti not only offer natural beauty, and freshness of the air, but also challenges visitors to test your nerve. Flying fox rides along approximately 100 yards across the ravine yag deep enough. With the depth of the valley more than 70 meters will pass through it siapun adrenaline.

It is also available Marine Bridge (rope bridge) along the 60 meters with a ravine below a depth of more than 30 meters. If still not satisfied, there is still another challenge to conquer the wall is 25 meters high hill and spur the ATV vehicle down the dirt road around a cliff. Wow, a sensational experience, thrilling, and exciting
For children who train rides available courage and sportsmanship. For them, there are flying fox kids along 15 meters. Other facilities that camping ground where visitors can enjoy a night in the wild. At midnight silence, snapping wood fire into its own beautiful music and warm, to ward off the cold.

The Nature miracle still remains on the slopes of Mount Ungaran. Path clear river water flow in cekungannya offers its own sensation. Typically, visitors to the entourage down the creek in the natural lokawisata.

Pennant Sidomukti besides trekking route also offers panoramic views to the summit of Mount Ungaran, Japanese Cave, and Medini Tea Garden. To be sure, Sidomukti which has become the agenda packet One Day Tour is a new magnetic natural attractions in Hyderabad.

To reach the tourist sites quite easily, it takes 40-60 minutes from the central city of Semarang (Simpang Lima). From the city of Semarang, vehicle racing toward Bandungan. Arriving at Jimbaran Market, Bandungan, point the vehicle turned to the right, and ride about 4 miles. Along the road from the market until the gate Jimbaran tourist sites there are many directions for pegunjung not get lost.

Before visiting Bannerman Sidomukti, make sure the vehicle in top shape. Check your tire pressure, brake, and lights work properly. The road to a full location with a fairly steep climb, many holes and the streets are relatively narrow. Also quite thick fog often occurs during the rainy season and resulted in low visibility. Do not forget to bring jackets, umbrellas and raincoats for in case the weather suddenly deteriorated.


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