Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monumen Bandung Lautan Api

Bandung Lautan Api Monument in Bandung is the tallest monument in Bandung. This monument is located in the region Tegallega. This monument height 5.4 m. Point to commemorate the events of South Bandung scorched earth, led by Muhammad Toha

Independence August 17, 1945, Indonesia has not fully independent. Independence must be achieved little by little through the struggle of the people who are willing to sacrifice everything. After Japan's defeat, the British soldiers came to disarm the Japanese soldiers. They conspired with the Dutch and manipulated the Japanese to re-colonize Indonesia. Traces of Struggle "Bandung Ocean of Fire" takes us to retrace the events in Bandung which culminated in a tense night, as residents fled, fled, in the midst of flames and fire musuh.Sebuah story about hope, courage and compassion. A story of our fighters.

News reading text of the Proclamation of Independence of Jakarta in Bandung received through Domei news agency on Friday morning, August 17, 1945. The next day, August 18, 1945, the printed text has been scattered. Printed with red ink by the Printing Siliwangi. DENIS House, Jalan Braga (now Building Bank Jabar), tearing incident blue flag of the Netherlands, so the color red and white live a flag of Indonesia. Tearing with the bayonet was carried by a young man named Mohammad Endang Indonesia karmas, assisted by Maj. Moeljono.
Dated August 27, 1945, formed the People's Safety Agency (BKR), followed by the formation of Women Warriors of Indonesia (LASWI) on October 12, 1945. Number of members 300 people, consisting of the combat troops, Red Cross, the investigation and supplies.

Events that worsen the situation occurred on 25 November 1945. In addition to facing an enemy attack, the people face huge flood overflow Cikapundung River. Hundreds of victims washed away and thousands of residents homeless. This situation used to attack enemies of the people who were facing disaster.

Various pressures and attacks continue to be made by the English and Dutch. Dated December 5, 1945, several British aircraft bombed the area Lengkong Great. On December 21, 1945, the British dropped the bombs and indiscriminate gunfire at the Cicadas. More victims fell.

Ultimatum to Army of the Republic of Indonesia (TRI) to leave the city and the people, politics gave birth to "bumihangus". People are not willing to Bandung dimafaatkan by the enemy. They fled to the south along with the fighters. Decision to be taken by consensus Bandung burned the Union Assembly Priangan Struggle (MP3) in the presence of all the power struggles, on March 24, 1946.

Colonel Abdul Haris Nasution as Commander of Division III, announced the results of these deliberations and ordered to leave the city of Bandung. That same day, the group running the length of the population left the city Bandung. That night the burning city held a grand scale. The fire flashed from their respective houses that burned homes and property, then the longer the wave of a large fire. After midnight the town was empty and only left the house ruins are still on.

Bandung scorched earth is the right thing, because the strength of TRI will not be able to resist a powerful enemy. Next TRI conduct a guerrilla resistance from outside Bandung.This event gave birth to the song "Halo-Halo Bandung" which excited the people of Indonesia burning power struggle.


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