Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Patengan Lake

Patengan Lake, derived from the Sundanese language, "Pateangan-teangan" which means to find each other. It is said that there used to be a pair of lovebirds and goddess Ki Santang Rengganis who love each other. They parted for so long, and eachsearch. Finally they met at a place called Stone Love. Goddess Rengganis also asked for the lake and a boat to sail together. The boat is what until then had been a heart-shaped island (island Asmara / island Sasaka).

Stone Love Island AsmaraKonon reportedly, for couples that surround the island andstop at the stone Asmara Love will find eternal love like a couple. Without wasting a chance, we also hire a boat and circled the island and drop into the stone of Love. On the trip, the boatmen Asmara told also that the island is haunted, and should only bevisited by a visitor if it be authorized and accompanied by the gatekeeper


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