Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ikan Bakar Cianjur Semarang

If you visit to Semarang, do not forget to stop in the Old City. Besides rich in history, the Old City there are also places to eat that much visited by tourists. The diner is named Fish Bakar Cianjur. In addition to the exotic old buildings, older than 200 years, Fish recipes Bakar Cianjur has a diverse and tasty.

As the name implies, this restaurant provides a menu of grilled fish. There are several menu choices of fish that you can try, for example, Nila, Gurame Fish, Catfish, etc. are cooked and processed in various ways such as fish soup, baked, fried, sweet acid, Tausi. To complement you can try to stir fry watercress, baby kailan,, Vegetable Asem kailan, shoots and leaves Pumpkin and Karedok lalapannya.

The rice is available there are 2 options, namely Liwet Rice and Uduk Rice. White rice is very tasty and flavorful taste because they were given a mixture of fragrant Anchovy. Fish that were burned were not too charred, so that the skin color of fish that have matured to stay awake so as not black but still crisp and tender. 

For the branch of the Fish Bakar Cianjur can be found in the Old Town area near to the Church Blenduk. The price offered per cow Rp 36,000. Pesmol carp and carp Sauce Tausi be seeded at Restaurant menus are close to this Blenduk Church. 


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