Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pasar Johar, Habitat The Merchant

Which are the largest traditional market in Semarang? Everyone agreed to answer Johar Market . The market is located on the edge of Kali Semarang is traditionally an economic center of Semarang residents. Johar market soaring architecture shaped like a mushroom. Is Herman Thomas Karsten , Dutch architect who designed the architecture of trusted traditional wholesale market was built in 1937. Special feature of the market architecture lies in its roof shaped like a mushroom columns. The roof of one another and each shade and does not blend. This construction allows air to enter from all directions.

Although no air conditioning machines, fresh air can be enjoyed. The system of cross ventilation is also seen in the House Lawang Sewu merupak Karsten characteristics. In addition to the room to make energy efficient building with cross ventilation is also suitable for tropical areas like Indonesia. Another feature is the presence of architecture Johar Market kosongantara room floor one and two. Because the space was exactly, visitors can see the unique mushroom-shaped roof.

Not only the ecological aspects into consideration planning Johar Market . Sociological aspects are also highly considered. Karsten understand well the market functions in the tradition of Indonesian society. Unlike the European market in which only the market functioning only as a merchant and buyer transactions. In Indonesia, the market is not just a transaction, but also as a place of open space to accommodate the traders nonpermanen (tiban) which sell at a particular event.

Karsten also very concerned about the number of women who become traders or simply be carrying laborers. To alleviate mbok mbok gendhong-shouldered bagor, market stall flooring made knee-high adults. The goal is that workers need not carry too heavy to lift weights before being held.

In terms of building materials, Karsten selecting high-quality marble wall surfaces as a coating material, the main table, and some floors. While the stone stairs from andesite. No wonder, more than 70 years of age Johar Market still stands strong.

Notoriety Johar Market to the entire Java. Traders do not just come out of Hyderabad, but also from Solo, Klaten, and Holy. They trade in Johar Market to hereditary. Even traders from outside Java enliven. Once traders from Borneo, Sumatra, and Sulawesi can directly unload the ship in the Kali Semarang, which passes right on the edge of Johar Market. On top of that there are times Berok Bridge, not far from Johar Market, which is a hydraulic bridge. When a ship unloading in Johar Market , the bridge could be opened, then closed again. Until early 1970, the ship could still enter Kali Semarang. Unfortunately, it's shallow and the bridge was not open anymore.

Now the architectural grandeur of Johar market can hardly be enjoyed. Density of traders and maintain spatial indiscipline make air circulation is not as good as first. The only reason every day Pasar Johar filled with visitors is because it is available all the needs of society, from clothing, food, to electronics with relatively cheap price. Pasar Johar has always been a destination for retail or wholesale buyers.

Apart from being a place of trade, Johar Market is like a village meeting place for traders from various regions.


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