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Tay Kak Sie Temple

Over the centuries - since arriving in Semarang , the Chinese community first settled in the area Mangkang, a name originally derived from the word Wakang Tjoen or large sailboat. Genesis uprising of people - the Chinese in Batavia to the Dutch colonial government had feared spread to Semarang create localize the Dutch government - the Chinese place that is easy to monitor them around the time of Semarang, the place now known as Chinatown in Semarang

Since localized in the vicinity of Kali Semarang, the Chinese community who will hold a prayer ceremony must take pains to go to the pagoda Stone Building, both to pray daily Simongan â € "today and to commemorate the arrival of Admiral Cheng Ho was a very respected.

At that time, the distance that must be taken to reach the hill Simongan of territory along the Chinese community pemukian Kali Semarang including very far, considering the condition of the city of Hyderabad when it is still centered in the old town now, also because of security conditions that has always been a barrier for people who want to pray at the pagoda is the oldest in Hyderabad, then encourage them to establish places of worship near their homes.

Initiated by a merchant named Khouw Ping (Xu Peng), in 1724 founded a house of worship which later was named Kwan Im Ting. Its location is situated beside  a small pond, amid grove of trees â € "and a tamarind tree somewhat remote from settlement.

The little pagoda slowly turned into the crowded center, the surrounding area was also developed into the more crowded and congested. Any date 1 (Je It) and 15 (Cap Go) Lunar calendar, the place is always crowded Chinatown community. If mapped in its present condition, Ting Kwan Im guess â € "located about midway between East Wotgandul road (Cap Kao Keng) and Little Gang street, or in the center â €" Rear Gang halfway.

Small pond by the local community called Kambang Bale lasted for more than 200 years. Unfortunately because the pool was widely used to store garbage and other debris, in 1966 finally closed to the public and is now on it has stood the warehouse.

In the year 1753 event clashes between groups of gamblers who are drunk in the yard Ting Kwan Im. This event caused a huge reaction from the character â € "public figure at that time. Of the incident later appeared Kwan Im thinking to move elsewhere Ting wider and safer. Various talks continue, until finally in 1771.

Upon instructions from feng shui experts, led by Ping Khouw, some Chinese merchants to choose an area of land alongside the Kali Semarang who was then still a chili garden. Chinese community worked together accounted for various purposes of establishment of their new place of worship, not just donating money, but also a variety of building materials. Worker â € "masons, carpenters, craftsmen and many more were brought from various places. Statue â € "statues of gods and goddesses imported directly from China.

1772, a year since the start built, pagoda that has stood the majestic and sturdy, Tay Kak Sie his name, meaning the Temple of Consciousness.

The procession moved the statue and incense ash Kwan Im Poo Sat (Goddess of Mercy â € "Avalokiteswara) from Kwan Im Tay Kak Sie Ting to be done in a large prayer ceremonies â €" scale. Potehi puppet show from Batavia (now Jakarta) was held over two full months, that's for the first time, people familiar with puppets potehi Hyderabad.

Gang Lombok

The existence of Tay Kak Sie temple on Lombok garden, finally made pagoda pagoda is also known as Gang Lombok. Its existence is true â € "really made the atmosphere around it become alive and vibrant. Kali Semarang at that time was wide and deep can be traversed by boats and barges, back and forth from the sea up into the city, make the trade there become increasingly crowded and developed world.

The area where the ship â € "unload its cargo the ship was located not far from the pagoda Tay Kak Sie.Sebagian there is a large warehouse owned Khouw Ping, so that gradually the place was known to locals as â € œsungainya Khouw Pinga €? or in dialect Semarangan become â € œkalinya Khauw Pinga €??. Llidah people around to simplify it into Kali Coping.


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