Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Gang Markets

One of the most visited places in the area of Chinatown in Semarang is a New Gang market. This market is located disebuah alley or hallway in the middle - the middle area of Chinatown. Market activity began in the early morning at around 5, traders from various regions around Hyderabad to arrive and offer various kinds of goods in this market.

Traditional markets have decades-old provides a variety of daily needs - the day ranging from food, medicine - traditional medicine, clothing, to equipment rituals of Chinese society.

Location of New Gang markets lie between the road and the Gang Rear Beteng, can be reached by road or from Gang Warung Sebandaran. Also there is a small road that can be traversed by pedestrians or two-wheel vehicle through the Gang Gang Little and new markets. 

The most ideal time to visit this market is to start at 6 to 10 am, at the full market still presents a variety of goods, selebih from 10 normally have a lot of traders are out of stock so the market began to empty. This market is actually open until late afternoon, but the afternoon will be fewer and fewer traders are still selling, mostly traders who lived in New Gang - average selling material - foodstuffs and supplies Chinese ritual.

By late afternoon the market is usually already started to slow. Most of the traders had to get rid of stall - stall their wares so that four-wheeled vehicles can easily pass through this market. If you come to the market a New Gang on the afternoon or evening, the hall is no different than like alley - there is lots of other alley in Chinatown in Semarang.

Ji Kao Mee

There is a unique agenda at the annual New Gang markets, a day before the last day of Chinese calendar or a calendar of 29 months 12 Lunar New Year, New Gang markets open day and night and always crowded crowded with visitors until morning. This tradition is called by residents of Chinatown as an event Ji Kao Mee (Night 29), various kinds of ceremonial purposes provided welcome the Chinese New Year this market.

One of the mandatory menu for the Chinese New Year ceremony is wat Kwee , a large bowl cake and fresh red. This cake will only be found in the New Gang on the night of 29 that's all. Other typical dishes are always presented on the day - the day before the Lunar new year is a cake basket , sweet cake made of glutinous rice and palm sugar.

Since the last two years, the night market activities Ji Kao Mee became increasingly lively as combined with Lunar Semawis Market activity that was held along the Chinatown in Semarang. You can find a variety of trinkets - unique trinkets to welcome the Chinese New Year here, including a variety of fresh flowers imported directly from plantations around Semarang.


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