Friday, March 11, 2011

Tour to Goa Kreo

Kreo Goa is a tourist place in Semarang. Goa Tourism Regions Kreo a forest area of ​​ ± 5 acres located in the hills (Mount Krincing) and Kreo River valley, precisely in Hamlet Village Talun Nuts Kandri Mijen District. Distance locations around  ± 13 km from the roundabout to the south Tugu Muda.

Goa Kreo believed to be the ruins of Sunan Kalijaga when looking for teak wood to build the Great Mosque of Demak. According to legend Sunan Kalijaga met with a flock of monkeys who then told to keep the teak wood.
The word "Kreo" comes from the word "Mangreho" meaning guard or a guard. Goa Sightseeing Kreo every day from 6:00 to 18:00 hours. Around Goa Kreo have a wide expanse of paddy fields, steep cliffs full of trees and clear rocky streams.

There are two things yag main attraction of this tourist area. First, the cave is a nest of dozens of wild monkeys. i here we can find dozens of monkeys that roam freely. If lucky, visitors can see wild monkeys, but tame. Second, in this area there is also a small waterfall that clear. Visitors can play games and enjoy the cool air freely. A view of the difficult encounter in the big city.
To reach the cave mouth, visitors must pass through a lot of stairs and steep. Next to North Goa there Kreo waterfall originating from various sources of clear water and not dry despite the long dry season. Besides having beautiful scenery Kreo Goa also features other facilities such as children's playground swing, etc sled.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Umbul Sidomukti

Natural beauty transfixed so feet out of the car in the courtyard lokawisata Girigahana Sidomukti . Expanse of rice terraces, small rivers, waterfalls, and pine forest, so charming. Far on the other side looks Mountain Ungaran, Mount Merbabu and Mount Twin Cimanggal. A natural harmony nan charming.

Natural atmosphere in the Village Sidomukti , Bandungan District, Regency of Semarang make visitors feel at home there-kama. Moreover, water in natural pools Sidomukti Bannerman is unique. Its location on the slopes of Mount Ungaran, right on the edge of the cliff and the valley. Pennant water flowing into the main water source for natural swimming park Sidomukti Bannerman. Abundant water is spilling into the pool beneath it and irrigating gardens and rice fields.

Tourist attraction Sidomukti Umbul which opened August 2, 2007 are built with traditional pond design, minimalist style. The walls of the pool composed of stacks of natural stone. In the garden many seating terraces open stage model that views freely in all directions. With a location at an altitude of 1031 asl, Bannerman Sidomukti in so-called natural swimming pools highest in Indonesia
Tourism Bannerman Sidomukti not only offer natural beauty, and freshness of the air, but also challenges visitors to test your nerve. Flying fox rides along approximately 100 yards across the ravine yag deep enough. With the depth of the valley more than 70 meters will pass through it siapun adrenaline.

It is also available Marine Bridge (rope bridge) along the 60 meters with a ravine below a depth of more than 30 meters. If still not satisfied, there is still another challenge to conquer the wall is 25 meters high hill and spur the ATV vehicle down the dirt road around a cliff. Wow, a sensational experience, thrilling, and exciting
For children who train rides available courage and sportsmanship. For them, there are flying fox kids along 15 meters. Other facilities that camping ground where visitors can enjoy a night in the wild. At midnight silence, snapping wood fire into its own beautiful music and warm, to ward off the cold.

The Nature miracle still remains on the slopes of Mount Ungaran. Path clear river water flow in cekungannya offers its own sensation. Typically, visitors to the entourage down the creek in the natural lokawisata.

Pennant Sidomukti besides trekking route also offers panoramic views to the summit of Mount Ungaran, Japanese Cave, and Medini Tea Garden. To be sure, Sidomukti which has become the agenda packet One Day Tour is a new magnetic natural attractions in Hyderabad.

To reach the tourist sites quite easily, it takes 40-60 minutes from the central city of Semarang (Simpang Lima). From the city of Semarang, vehicle racing toward Bandungan. Arriving at Jimbaran Market, Bandungan, point the vehicle turned to the right, and ride about 4 miles. Along the road from the market until the gate Jimbaran tourist sites there are many directions for pegunjung not get lost.

Before visiting Bannerman Sidomukti, make sure the vehicle in top shape. Check your tire pressure, brake, and lights work properly. The road to a full location with a fairly steep climb, many holes and the streets are relatively narrow. Also quite thick fog often occurs during the rainy season and resulted in low visibility. Do not forget to bring jackets, umbrellas and raincoats for in case the weather suddenly deteriorated.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Warak Ngendog

Warak Ngendhog is typical toy Semarang city that appears once and only present at the celebration of tradition Dugderan . This toy intangible imaginary creature that is a combination of several animals that symbolized the unity of various ethnic groups in Semarang: Chinese, Arabic and Java. His head resembles the head of the dragon (China), his body like a Buraq (Arabic), and four legs like a leg of lamb (Java .)

It is unclear origin Warak Ngendog . This invention is a toy animal in the form of statues or dolls made of pottery piggy bank. Who inspired the making was nobody knew. To be sure since Dugderan held, a number of traders to hold this toy. In each sale, the seller put a cooked chicken egg underneath. Eggs were sold together waraknya participate.

Warak ngendog originally was just a children's toy with animal-like form. When compared with the existing form of Warak Ngendog today, Warak Ngendog original cork is made of mangrove plants and form a straight angle.

Supposedly characteristic of the straight form of Warak Ngendog contains profound philosophical meaning. It is believed that depict images of straight people that are open Semarang straight and speak what they are. There was no difference between the expression of liver with verbal expression. Also Warak Ngendog also represent acculturation of ethnic diversity in the city of Semarang.

WARAK word itself comes from the Arabic word "Wara'I" which means holy. And Ngendog (spawn) is symbolized as a result of the reward obtained after previously undergoing a person holy. Literally, Warak Ngendog can be defined as those who maintain the sanctity of Ramadan, later at the end of the month will get a reward on the Day of Eid.

Warak Ngendog for the city of Semarang city's identity has become iconic and has been known to exit the area. Several points downtown, and even planned to be built as a mascot statue Warak Ngendog confirmation hallmark of Semarang city.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gamelan, Orchestra Van Java

Who says people do not know java orchestra? Long before the Europeans arrived, the ancestor of the Indonesian nation has mempraktikannya. Since the time of the dynasty dynasty in the 8th century AD, ancestors of the Indonesian people are familiar with and play various musical instruments together and then better known as a gamelan.

Gamelan is an integral part of various musical elements are realized and sounded together. The word comes from the Javanese Gamelan 'gamel' which means hitting, followed by the suffix ' -AN 'which makes it a noun.

Gamelan is very easy to find in almost all parts of Java island. Of course there are some differences between one region to another due to cultural processes. Gamelan developed in Semarang is a Javanese gamelan. In addition to Java, gamelan can also be met in Madura, Bali, Lombok, etc. Of these, Javanese gamelan is believed to be the oldest and the origin of the gamelan in other areas.

Occurrences gamelan culture preceded by Hindu -Buddhist dominated Indonesia, especially Java, in the early days of recording history. Instrument developed to shape up like this in the days of the Majapahit Kingdom. The only Indian influence in gamelan music is how to sing it.

The description of the first gamelan was found at the Borobudur Temple , Magelang, Central Java, built in the 8th century. Musical instruments such as bamboo flutes, bells, kendhang in various sizes, harp, stringed musical instrument that swiped and learned, is found in the relief. However, little is found elements of metal musical instruments. However, relief of the instrument is said to be the origin of the gamelan.

In his book ' Music in Java 'Jaap Kunst, a Dutch leading ethnomusicology, gamelan is only comparable to illustrate two things: moonlight and flowing water. "Gamelan is comparable to only two Things, moonlight and flowing water. ... Mysterious like moonlight and always changing like flowing water ...", so he wrote.
Gamelan is an integral part in almost all activities of arts and culture of Java, such as leather puppet show, Kethoprak, dance performances, uyon-uyon (singing performing arts), etc.. Gamelan music performances can be staged as a separate or as background music in a show. As a performance, gamelan music is usually combined with the sound of the Javanese singers (male singers and female singers called wiraswara called waranggana).

A set of gamelan consist of various musical instruments and each instrument has a different function. The main component of constituent instrument of gamelan music is dominated by elements of metal, bamboo and wood. Musical instruments making up the gamelan, namely: Kendang, Saron, Bonang Barung, Bonang successor, Slentem, Gender, Gambang, Gong, kempul, Kenong, Ketug, Clempung, Siter, Flute, Rebab, Bedug, Keprak and Kepyak.

Gamelan orchestra tuning and making is a complex process. Gamelan using a four- way tuning , namely SLA © ndro , pa © log , "Degung" (special area of Sunda, or West Java), and "madenda" (also known as the diatonic, the same as the original minor scale that is widely used in Europe.
Slendro has five basic tones with a small interval difference. While pelog has seven basic tone with a big difference intervals. Gamelan music compositions created by some rules, which consist of several rounds and pathet, bordered by one gongan and the melody was created within the unit that consists of 4 tones

Gamelan is one of the cultures that have been recognized internationally and performed on five continents. Even the UN has set as a cultural heritage that must be protected and preserved.

To enjoy Orchestra Van Java , you can visit the House Ki Narto Sabdho, complex Taman Budaya Raden Saleh (TBRS) Jl. Sriwijaya No.29 Semarang, every Saturday night. In TBRS you can meyaksikan Gamelan and Wayang performances are played by groups of Wayang (WO) Ngesti Pandowo.


Church Cathedral

Cathedral Complex is located in the region Tugumuda , precisely on Jalan Sutomo. The complex consists of the Cathedral, conference hall and school. Building the Cathedral of symmetric with a single facade oriented to the West. The building was designed by J.Th.Van Oyen , in cooperation with the constructor Kleiverde.

Plan a rectangular-shaped building that has three side entrance of North, South and West. As in general the Catholic Church that was built before the Second Vatican Council , where the seating extends to the back of the race. The foundation of stone, with a system of wall structure and the room carrying a large column-free. Some natural stone walls coated. Construction mejemuk Limasan shaped roof, covered with tile.

At the height of the tower there Limasan are coated with metal plates. There is thickening of the wall and form a parapet. Wide eaves. Porch entrance located on each section. Porch shaded by a roof which blends with the main building, and not supported by columns or console. Entrance has a double leaf doors with a panel of thick wood. Lighting can get into the building directly.

Before the wake of the Church, the area is used as the office of the Dutch Health Service (Dienst voor Volks Gezeondheid) . In 1926 the area was purchased by the board of the Church to be used as the location of the third parish church. Stasi was later appointed as the seat of the bishop.

1937 held refurbishment and expansion of the Cathedral, as written in the letter of the Bishop of Batavia, dated December 20, 1937 to Fr PC who served temporarily as Kerk-en Armbestuur. On August 9, 1940 in Central Java as vikarist apostolic inaugurated under the leadership of Mgr.A.Soegijopranoto, SJ as the first archbishop in Indonesia. St.Perawan Church Mary Queen of Holy Rosary Cathedral was appointed.
To reach the cathedral church is fairly easy. If you are less familiar with the city of Semarang , you can use the public transportation that passes through Tugu Muda region. The church is located in the southern area of Tugu Muda .

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gunung Kawi

Places of interest in Bali :: Gunung Kawi is one of tourist places and destination in Bali, it is popular with archaeologists, it is the real name of the temple and it is water springs, below is the information.
Situated at Tampak Siring village, the ancient Gunung Kawi monument was built for the first time in 11th century. There are several stairs to be climbed by every visitor before reaching the site. Across the river you will find two rows of monuments sculptured on the rocky stone wall, illustrating the younger brother of King Erlangga named Anak Wungsu. The Gunung Kawi monument is a prominent site which becomes an interesting site for students or archaeologists. Here, get pleasure from the cool and contented atmosphere with the beautiful rice terraces as the backgrounds.

Temple complex is consisted of 2 consecutions. The consecution in eastside Pekerisan River is consisted of 5 units and the consecution at west side of river is 5 units, in the north is 4 units and 1 unit is located far in south side separate from the others. On the above of the temple consecution in particular to the Eastside River, there is an article of Kediri word type sounding ‘Haji Lumahing Jalu'. Haji means a king, the Lumah means a temple or Sidha Dewata means to return to the nature of deity and Ing Jalu means in Pekerisan. The Jalu mean the Keris literal. The entire words mean that king is made in temple form at Pekerisan.

From this article is assumed that this temple is dedicated to Udayana King which is also called Marakata and Anak Wungsu. The temple which is located in the west side of river related to all king concubines. The temples are located far in the south side is attributed to prime minister because in these temple areas existing an article Rakyan which is namely perform for high functionary of empire. 

Kauman Masjid

Mosque Kauman included in the list of old mosque in the land of Java. Located adjacent to Johar Market , Semarang. Previously, this complex is a square where people gather Semarang. Until now, building Kauman Mosque still standing strong despite the surrounding neighborhood streets had been crowded with stalls, street vendors, and public transportation where waiting passengers.

Kauman Mosque was founded in the early 16th century. The founder of the mosque is Kiai Ageng Pandanaran who later founded the mosque again around Bubakan, who became the district after the pilgrimage due to the Chinese people uprising known as the War of Semarang (1742).

Kauman Mosque renovation many times. Kiai Duke Surohadimenggolo III , as Regent of Semarang at the time, replacing the mosque became a bigger mosque in 1759-1760. Development is celebrated with three inscriptions that are still stuck at the main gate that read letters Javanese mosque, Latin, and Arabic.

Writing in the inscription is still very clearly legible even when worn with age. This is very interesting to study that this mosque is one of the great mosque and influential dizamannya. The mosque is also visited by many people from different regions. This indicates that Hyderabad had always been one of the big city as well as an advanced port city.

When RM Tumenggung Ario Purboningrat to power in 1867, he renovated the mosque. Then on 23 April 1889 with assistance from the Assistant Resident of Semarang GI Blume and Regent R Tumenggung Cokrodipuro, the mosque was renovated again. Dutch architect GA Gambier trusted to handle the job. Mosque completed in the renovation of 23 November 1890. AH Plas in his van't Verjongde En't Verjongde Hyderabad Hyderabad Mosque Kauman dub 1911 as the de fraii misigit or a beautiful mosque.

Although Hyderabad now has the Great Mosque of Central Java which is more stately and large, the existence Kauman Mosque will be retained. Until now, the Mosque Kauman still serve as a place of ritual Dugderan , early warning of Ramadan. A tradition carried out by generations since ancient times.

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